Palanca Offered

Our faith in God is made possible and even perfect through the love we have for one another.  One tried and true way of demonstrating that love is through Real Palanca - prayers, sacrifices, and works of mercy.  These are not separate terms or acts before God.  They are one and the same.  They speak to God of our dependence and trust in Him.  They speak of our desire to accept and follow God’s ways.


Please complete the following form to include your Palanca offering for an upcoming Cursillo Weekend or special event.  Submittter's information is only included if typed in (which we normally don't do unless it is Palanca offerred for a specific Candidate; otherwise the Palanca is submitted confidentially.  Palanca should be submitted at least by Monday prior to start of the weekend.  Please indicate what weekend your Palanca is being offered for in the text or with the drop down menu below.

Note:  If you are submitting this as personal Palanca for a specific Candidate, then included their name along with yours and it will be delivered to them in their Take Home Packet.

If you prefer to mail in your Palanca, print the following form and mail at least one week prior to start of the weekend.


Palanca for individual candidates should be submitted in a separate sealed envelope with candidate's name on outside and mailed to the address on the form.  This Palanca will be placed in the candidate's take home packet.


Palanca Sheet_v7

To view Palanca requests from around the world, click here

In addition to Palanca offered for 3-Day Weekends, we are encouraged to also offer Palanca for these intentions:

  • Mondays --- National, Regional, and Diocesan Secretariats

  • Tuesdays --- Schools of Leaders

  • Wednesdays --- Cursillistas in the United States

  • Thursdays --- Apostolic Action

  • Fridays --- Cursillo Weekends

  • Saturdays --- OMCC & NACG Executive Committees (world groups)