Prayer Requests

"Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you. Everyone who asks will receive. Everyone who searches will find. And the door will be opened to everyone who knocks."  Matthew 7:7-8

Please follow these general guidelines to help insure that all things posted here are for the honor and glory of God

  • Keep it concise and brief.

  • Do not include identifiying information such as last names, places of work, parish, etc. 

  • Provide only the details that you are comfortable with - God knows the rest!

  • Indicate if this request is new or an update to a previously submitted request.

  • Thanksgiving for prayers answered may also be posted.

Requests will be reviewed and then and posted (generally within 24 hours) for a short period of time.  We reserve the right to edit requests or choose to not post. Unless specified to do so, your personal information will not be included in the post.

Please don't forget in thanksgiving to follow-up with the outcomes, to share as continuing encouragment to those who faithfully offer their prayers and palanca for these requests.

Prayer Request Form

Recent Prayer Requests

Please remember in your prayers and Palanca for God's will for all those (known & unknown) suffering from any natural disasters, spiritual, physical, emotional, or financial needs, especially those that think that no one cares nor prays for them.  For those who have passed before us.  For our enemies.

For the intertions of Pope Francis and the Church throughout the world.  For all Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Religous, and those seeking vocations. Please say one Hail Mary each day.

In repartation for sin, and the spiritual well-being of our diocese.

For the success of the Cursillo Movement in our diocese and throughout the world.  For the teams (and their families) as they prepare, for the candidates (and their families) that have been asked and those that should be being asked, and for the sponsors.That  candidate applications may be sent in promptly so proper planning may be done.    Please say one Come Holy Spirit... each day.

Always and foremost - in Thanksgiving for all the many Blessings we have received, most especially our Gift of Faith.

And for all the petitions that follow below:  Thanks & God Bless!

1/19 - ANONYMOUS prayer request, that the Holy Spirit speak to the hearts of both my husband and I.  We cannot come to a resolution on something major in our lives and it’s tearing us apart.  This has taken a toll on my mental health and our peace as a family.

1/19 - From Duke H, for Ashley who will probably not live through the night.

1/19 - For the response of the soul of Tim, brother of Cursillista Chad F.

1/17 - From Mary G, for the repose of the soul of Aunt Virginia, who died Monday.

1/17 - For the repose of the soul of Cursillista Phil T's father, Charles, who died Sunday.  

1/11 - From Tessa H, for Michelle S, in negotiations with attorney over rights to son for his protection.

1/11 - For Brenda, Lea H's daughter she is hospitalized she is very ill!

1/10 - for Eribert, who is iconsumed with alcoholism.

1/4 - From Gary R, for my brother Kevin, he had a stroke, pneumonia, and open heart surgery.

1/11 - He is now in his own room. He is able to eat, and did not sleep well last night, but he is talking a little, and wanted me to Thank each one of you for the Prayers offered up for him.

1/3 - From Ginny T, for our grandson Cody McD, who may have testicular cancer.

1/2 - 1. From Laura B, for my Dad, Henry G, he has pneumonia.  2. For all of those that are working out in this cold weather.  3. For the homeless, that they will be able to find warmth and love in a shelter this week. 

12/30, From Delores M, for my sister Theresa really sick with cancer.

12/27 - For Dave S, friend of James & Judy, having surgery tomorrow for stage 3 cancer.

12/26 - For Kevin, brother of Gary R, having heart surgery today.

12/20 - For good outcome for difficult situation.

12/20 - For Colin McC, he has testicular cancer, in stomach as well.  For Dominique and a special intention.