Is Cursillo for Me?

If you are not familiar with Cursillo, please click here first for general background information.

Maybe you've heard of Cursillo or know someone that has attended a Cursillo Weekend and you're wondering if you should attend.


Do you feel something is missing in your life?  Do you feel that God may be be calling you to something different?  Well, ...


CURSILLO IS NOT an organization; it is a powerful, worldwide lay movement of the Catholic Church.

CURSILLO IS NOT just a retreat. Although the first step is a 3-day weekend encounter, the real value begins after after attending a weekend.

CURSILLO IS an encounter with oneself, Christ, and others.

CURSILLO IS a proven method for finding solutions to the issues faced in our daily lives.

CURSILLO IS a proven method for growing and staying in a closer relationship with Christ for the rest on our lives.

CURSILLO IS a proven method to help bring a relationship with Christ to others around us.

CURSILLO IS a proven method of sharing with others about our daily struggles and triumphs in living out God's plan for our life.

CURSILLO IS authentically Catholic; everything is directly based on the teaching of the Catholic Church and Scripture.


CURSILLO IS open to all stable, post-adolescent Catholics who can validly receive the Sacraments.  It is suggested that recent converts to Catholisim should generally wait two years to attend a weekend.


Cursillo weekends begin Thursday evening at 6:30 pm and conclude Sunday evening by 8:00 pm.


A free will donation is taken up on Sunday to cover the costs of the weekend.  Scholarships are available for those needing financial assistance.  Cost is never to be a reason for not attending a Cursillo weekend.


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THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE APPLICATION, but if you would like more information about Cursillo or about upcoming weekends, please complete this form and someone will contact you and assist you with completing a Candidate Application form should you choose to attend a Cursillo Weekend.