Meet the Secretariat

The Cursillo Movement is not an organization, but uses certain organizational elements in order to function and to achieve its purpose. The purpose or goal of the Cursillo Movement is to Christianize Environments. In order to have this effect on environments, the Cursillo strives to provide understanding and conviction to individuals about what is necessary for being a Christian, and to strengthen individuals so they may live out that conviction, supported by a Christian Community.


The work of the Cursillo in a diocese requires coordination by a small group of clergy and lay men and women called the Secretariat.  A typical Secretariat consists of the Spritual Advisor(s), Lay Director, Treasurer, Secretary, and the chairpersons of the Precursillo, 3-Day, Postcursillo, and School of Leaders committees.  A Secretariat may also have Ad-hoc, non-voting  members.  The Secretariat is responsible for all aspects of the Cursillo Movement, although it delegates and oversees work to the School of Leaders and various committees and subcommittees. The Secretariat shall primarily function as the "Servant of the Servants".  The Secretariat reports to and serves the Bishop of the diocese.


The Cursillo Movement operates under a set of approved By-Laws.


KCSJ Cursillo Movement By-Laws_2015-11-17

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Spiritual Advisor - Fr. Gabriel Lickteig
816.803.3517   Email

Lay Director - Rick Schwind
816.547.8325   Email

Secretary - Betty McClatchy
816.813.8183   Email

Precursillo Chair - Judy Newkirk
816.806.1997   Email


Postcursillo Chair (M) - John Muller

816.419.8635   Email


Spiritual Advisor(s) Emeritus

Deacon Ken Greene

Deacon Justin McMenamy

Assistant Spiritual Advisor - Deacon Michael Dennis

816.761.6478   Email


Treasurer - Fahren Green

816.305.3646   Email

School of Leaders Chair - TJ Schnabel


3-Day Chair - Gary Reid

Postcursillo Chair (W) - Mary Giordano
816.215.2677   Email


Diocesan Liaison - Dino Durando


Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr., D.D., J.C.L.


For Information on Spanish Cursillo

Spiritual Advisor - Fr. Darvin Salazar


Lay Director - Jesus Vargas